Inktober 1,2,4-9 days

So this year I decided to take part in inktober this year. I’m trying to stick to the prompts as best as I can.

  1. Anklet of the Wind- Terraria
  2. Butterscotch and cinnamon pie- Undertale
  3. Neptune’s shell- Terraria
  4. Lesser Dog- Undertale- I’m not to happy with the face.
  5. Galaxy Sword- Stardew Valley
  6. Mystic Ocarina- World’s Dawn
  7. Arrowhead- Stardew Valley
  8. Kuro- Ori and the Blind Forest-I messed up the wings. The paper can’t ink wash.

Anyways I’m planning on doing a flip through of the sketchbook on my youtube channel.  I want to be an artist. I know my skill isn’t where it needs to be, but I’m working on getting my skill to where it needs to be.

There is this website that I found through Reddit call drawabox. It a good starting point. I have varies books on different things, like watercolor, anatomy, etc. So yeah.

-Dana out

Edit: I just realized I left out day 3, I will post as soon as possible.



Remembering old games

I don’t know why but I woke up this morning remember this game I use to play when I was younger.

It was PC game where you were a vet and had to take care of animals. You were like on this ranch… in a small town (I think it was small) There was rabbit, dogs,cats, guinea pigs (? (or was hamsters?)), and horses. I was actually mentally seeing it. So I did some research and found it on Steam. It’s call Paws & Claws: Pet Vet. Now I want play because nostalgic.

Now if only there was a Sims 2 digital copy, I could buy.  So funny story: My first and last Sim on the Sims 2 was my simself (I think). So I was like 8 and didn’t how to play. I think I was trying to build a house and ran out of money. The sim dies and the grim reaper shows up. It scared me so bad  that never played it again. XD It wasn’t until I was watching Ihascupquake when she started playing the Sims 3, That I got back into it.

I regret not keeping that Sims 2 copy.

-Dg out! ❤

Today is the day

I get my drawing tablet. YAY! Finally! After 50 years… or just a few weeks. But yeah I’m happy. I also been doing better at keeping up with my work so after I get my math test I can mess around with once it comes in.

On to a random story the happen yesterday that involves my math teacher. So Because I’m virtual schooled, We have to do a require DBA. It’s basically where you talk to your teacher on the phone. Anyways, I called her around 2:00 PM-ish and got the answering message or voicemail, which ever cell phones have. So I waited and waited. Soon Jay (My little Bro) got done with his work for the day and wanted to play Terraria. So I’m like OK, The teacher may call but whatever.

Then when I was placing mud blocks outside our base to make a Mushroom Biome, I find this guy laying on ground under the fake Corruption box Biome, we made. Turns Out, it’s the Tavernkeeper.   So then Jay and me found about the Old mans army and to fight it. So we built a sky platform. Then the goblin Army spawned and it was time to eat. so we logged off.

Then when we got back, we still to fight goblin army. Then in the middle of it the teacher called.  SO I had to hide in a respawn area we made under a battle arena, while doing my DBA. I couldn’t log off because I was hosting it. So I got my DBA done and Jay finished the goblin army by himself.

Also In case anyone was wondering what drawing tablet I got, it a Huion H420 USB Graphic Drawing Tablet. 

I think I have ramble on for long enough, so I’ll end this here.

-Dg out! ❤

The Sims 4 TODDLER Thoughts

So yesterday, toddlers got added to the Sims 4 in a free patch. I was so surprise! I more or less thought it was next to impossible but here they are!

They’re adorable!!! I like these over the one The Sims 3. They feel more fleshed out. They aren’t a grind feast (Not sure how else to word it :/) They sort-of know how to do things.The skills for them make sense. I just wish that there of some Outdoor things for them to play with, like a sandpit/box, a small slide, and maybe a little playhouse.

But still they’re pretty great. I know that toddlers can interact with other toddlers, something that wasn’t in The Sims 3.


capture-2 JUST LOOK AT THIS PRECIOUS THING!!!! (Her name is Beka, BTW)

They can also climb stairs once their movement skill is high enough.


I’m just so happy!!! That and there a vampire game pack coming out, and there is most likely a pets EP coming soon.

Also I make a post later just for toddler picture.

-Dg out ❤

(And Molly (Family dog) is bothering Patches (My cat) again. *sighs*)

yay (very sarcastic)

So today it’s back to school for me, on a Thursday. How strange. But anyways…

so remember though goals that I had at the beginning of the break way… (let’s see)

Working on a Minecraft fanfic instead. I’m almost done with the first chapter. The problem was that I have like three different ideas for a fanfic for Stardew Valley and couldn’t decide which one to do first.

I have order the drawing tablet but it’s not here yet. It’s suppose to be here 11-27 of this month. I can’t complain though, it was good deal.

And the last things was the books… I got 1 read, but have 18-ish to go. I don’t know why I won’t pick them up and read them. I think I’m just not into fiction anymore?? or at least at the moment. I’m not sure.

Anyways this is my last semester. Then I’ll be out. … I’m not ready to be an adult.

-DG out ❤


Officially Done (For now)

I’m officially done with this semester. It had some bumps but hey. Now I focus on some things. Unfortunately, I can’t get the drawing tablet until after the holidays, so I’ll just have to work on my art old-schooled. But for now, I’m going to watch some Revenge of the Sith.

(Yeah- no I need to relax, I’m making stupid mistakes while typing this XD )

-DG Out! ❤